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What common mistakes we make when sharing Wi-Fi

Errors when sharing Wi-Fi

Can Share internet easily from our mobile and allow other devices and users to connect. Very useful for example if we go on a trip and we have a network on our phone and we want other equipment such as a Tablet or a laptop to also have a connection.

It could happen that we even want to share that Internet connection with other users who have used up their rate. But of course, if we share the Internet without taking security measures into account, it could also cause other intruders to connect and put our privacy and the proper functioning of the devices at risk. Sharing Wi-Fi with neighbors can also have privacy-related issues.

Don’t use password

A very important mistake is to share Wi-Fi with other users without putting password. This is elementary. The key is the main barrier to prevent third parties from accessing it. If we leave the network open, anyone who searches and finds it could connect and access it. It could consume our data, affect performance, and even put privacy at risk.

To avoid this, whenever we are going to share the Internet, we must create a password that is strong and complex. It should contain letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. All this also in a random way and have a sufficient length.

Put a name that relates us

It is also an error that can compromise our privacy to put a name that relates us. For example our personal data, the model of the terminal, etc. This could also help a potential attacker to find certain vulnerabilities present and carry out their attacks.

Therefore, our advice in this case is to use a name that has nothing to do with us, nor to keep the one that comes from the factory, which is usually the mobile phone model. It is important that we create any other random names.

Do not put a consumption limit

When we share the Internet from our mobile we are using the rate data that we have contracted. That fee may be limited. If we are going to use other devices or allow another user to connect, we should take into account that capacity of the tariff and avoid running out.

If, for example, we are going to share the Internet to connect from a laptop and we are going to use it to play videos on Streaming, we can see how the available data is falling rapidly. This could exhaust our rate in a matter of minutes.

Therefore, a common mistake would be not to set a consumption limit. This could completely deplete the data we have available and go offline on all devices. It is common that when sharing data we have an option to put a warning in case we consume a certain amount or that it is even blocked at that time.