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What signs can indicate that the VPN is not working well

Signs that show something wrong with the VPN

It is important that we detect problems early. A VPN malfunctioning, leaking our data, could seriously compromise our privacy. Ultimately one of the missions is to prevent personal information, real IP address and other data from being exposed. Hence, when detecting any sign of a problem, we must correct it as soon as possible.

These problems will not only be related to the loss of protection, but could also affect the performance of our connection. We may even have problems accessing certain services that may be geographically restricted.

The connection is interrupted

One of the most obvious signs that the VPN is not working properly is that there is continuous interruptions. We can see a considerable drop in speed or that we directly stop receiving the Internet. This could be a major problem, as our connection depends on that service and we need it to work properly.

The fact that the connection is interrupted may be due to a failure with the VPN itself, but also to a bad configuration of our device. We must always check that everything is correctly configured.

IP address is filtered

We have tools to test that the VPN does not filter the IP address. This is another clear indication that something is not working properly. If we run a test and verify that our Real IP is leaking, clearly means that the program we are using is not fulfilling its function correctly.

The fact that the IP address is leaked when using a VPN is one of the biggest problems. This means that we must immediately see where the problem is and try to solve it.

The server does not respond

Another problem that can show a failure with the VPN is that the server does not respond. Normally this type of service has different servers to which we can connect. They may be present in different countries and this allows us to access services that may be geographically restricted.

If the server fails, we could have problems navigating, since we would lose the connection, but also to be able to connect to geographically restricted applications. We would have to see if it is a failure with a specific server or is the program in general.

VPN works very slow

The speed it is another factor that can tell us that something is wrong. It is true that VPN services tend to slow down our connection, but a sudden loss can be a clear sign that it is not working as it should.

We cannot access geographically restricted services

Many users use VPN tools to access services that may be geographically restricted. For example Streaming services to watch series and movies. If we see that when we try to access one of them we cannot, that could mean that the program is not working properly and we must see what happens.

In short, these are some of the main signs that can tell us that our VPN is not working properly. We must always be alert and correct any type of problem as soon as possible so that it does not affect our privacy and security.