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What to do to prevent intruders from entering your computer

Methods they can use to get into a computer

The cybercriminals they constantly refine their techniques to attack users. They always look for a way to break any vulnerability, to sneak malware, to put computers at risk. When we talk about methods for them to enter our computer, they can use different ones to achieve their objective. Let’s see the main ones.


Undoubtedly one of the most used methods to be able to control a computer in an illegitimate way, to be able to access a computer, is through a trojan. There are many different types, but basically we can say that it is a malware that allows remote control from another device.

Trojans can sneak in, creating a back door on your computer. The antivirus does not detect it and the hacker would have full access. It could control system functions, change settings, sneak even other varieties of malware, etc.

Vulnerabilities in remote desktop

Today it is very common to use the remote Desktop. Very useful to work without having to be physically in a place. Windows and other operating systems have a large number of options. Some of them are integrated, while we can also make use of external programs.

However, on many occasions there may be vulnerabilities. We may be using programs without patching, without updating correctly. This could be exploited by hackers and carry out their attacks. They could access our computer through this type of failure.

Malicious program download

Another widely used method is by programs we download from the internet and they are not safe. They can sneak in any variety of malware that allows a hacker to access your computer. For example, Trojans could sneak in, as we saw earlier, but also other varieties that can compromise us.

This is a very common reason for our computers to get infected. The software we download may have been maliciously modified and contain any variety of malware that affects us.

Insecure Wi-Fi network

Of course they can also use insecure wireless networks to steal information or access our equipment. Nowadays it is very common to enter a Wi-Fi in public sites like a shopping mall, airports, etc. Intruders could be on that network without our knowledge, waiting for the victim to connect.

Detect intruders on your computer

We will also see different methods that can help us detect intruders on the computer. They can tell us that something is wrong and that we need to take action as soon as possible. Only then can we improve security.

Analyze the system

A basic initial step is to perform a system analysis. For this, we must have an antivirus installed that allows us to detect possible varieties of malware. For example, it could detect Trojans, something that would alert us that something is wrong and could mean that there are intruders on the computer.

Notice a malfunction

Another important issue to consider is whether we notice a malfunction general computer. For example, if we notice that it works slowly, that when browsing the Internet there are errors, that the network speed is very limited …

All this could indicate that our computer is malfunctioning and that there could be a cybercriminal. This would help us make decisions with the aim of improving security and preventing personal data from being stolen.

View programs or folders that shouldn’t be

Did we notice anything weird about the team? They may have appeared programs or files that were not there before. This could be software that an intruder has installed or folders that have been moved. This could also give us a clue that our computer has been infected and a cybercriminal has taken control.

How to prevent them from entering your computer

It is very important to always keep our equipment safe. We are going to give some essential recommendations to avoid intruders on the computer and to minimize the risk of being victims of any type of attack.

Always use security programs

Something basic and that cannot be missed is the use of security programs. We are talking, for example, of a good antivirus, as well as a firewall that can protect the network. There are many security threats on the Internet. Many types of attacks that in one way or another affect us.

Thanks to security software we can prevent hackers from taking control of our computer. We can reduce the risk and also avoid other varieties of malware that can compromise us.

Windows Defender Security

Upgrade systems

On many occasions, security flaws appear that can be exploited by cybercriminals. We have discussed the case of remote desktop programs, but it could also affect the operating system itself.

Our advice is to always keep the updated equipment adequately. You have to avoid any obsolete program or have without updating the firmware of the network card or any device. This is very important to reduce the risk of problems.

Download only from legitimate sources

Of course, something else we should mention is the fact that you only download from sources that are official. We must avoid downloading files from third-party sites, since they could have been maliciously modified and be a threat to our computers. We must always use pages and platforms that are legitimate.

Common sense

Yet another issue is the fact avoid making mistakes. We should not, for example, download email attachments if we suspect that they may be a threat. Also, do not open links that could be malicious.

In most cases, the intruders will need the interaction of the victim. They are going to need us to take some action. This makes common sense vital to avoid security concerns.

Therefore, these are some essential tips to prevent them from entering our computer. It is essential to maintain security and not take any kind of risk.

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