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Which programs can slow down Wi-Fi

Which Programs Affect Wi-Fi Speed

If at surfing the Internet We see that the speed is very slow and does not adapt to what we have contracted, the problem may be due to a failure of the router and cabling, the hardware of the device or also the software that we have installed. We are going to focus on the latter. More specifically, we are going to indicate which applications can slow down Wi-Fi the most. Optimizing Internet speed is very important.

Download programs

Something that can certainly affect the speed of our Wi-Fi connection are download programs. Download torrents, for example, it can slow down our Internet a lot. This happens especially if the rate we have contracted is very limited and we make the most of it.

Therefore, if we need the connection to work as well as possible and we do not want speed problems, a good idea is not to have programs of this type open. Even if we are not downloading anything at the moment it could be uploading files to the network.

Watch streaming videos

Another issue to take into account is the playback of streaming videos. We talk about platforms like YouTube, Netflix and the like. This can consume the resources of our connection if we watch high quality videos.

If we have problems with the wireless connection and we open an application of this type and reproduce a video in maximum quality, we could affect other devices that are also connected to the network at that time.

Make video calls

Something similar happens with video calls. In recent times this method of communicating has grown a lot. We have many programs available. However, at the end of the day it is like broadcasting a streaming video. When the quality is maximum you will need a good Internet speed.

Therefore, programs like Skype and the like that may need a good Internet connection to make quality video calls, could affect our wireless connection.

The Navigator

Logically, another of the programs that will slow down our Wi-Fi the most is the browser. We can have many tabs open, where we will have pages of all kinds. Some can especially consume more resources if they have to load videos, images, sound …

The more tabs we have open, and especially pages that need to constantly load data, the more it can affect our wireless connection.


The malicious softwareAlthough it is not a program that we have actually installed voluntarily, it is also another type of added problem for the Wi-Fi network. Any malware that we have could significantly slow down our connection and affect our day-to-day lives.

This means that we must always have a good antivirus. It is necessary to have protected computers and not allow malicious software to affect us.