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Why does Spam keep reaching your email?

The junk mail or spam It is one of the most common problems when using email. It may be harmless, but sometimes it becomes a major security concern. It is true that there are filters in the e-mail so that it does not flood our inbox. But why does it keep coming? We are going to talk about this in this article and we will also give some essential tips to avoid it.

The email tray is still full of Spam

Virtually all email providers offer a filter to prevent the entry of spam. At least they act as a barrier that can greatly reduce the amount of emails of this type that reach us daily. But of course, we all see that our tray is full of Spam and the main reason is that whoever sends that e-mail is also updated.

A junk e-mail usually contains certain keywords, phrases, links or information in general that make the provider we use block it. Normally in these emails we are invited to click on a link, put data, download files … That is when the problem begins. And that is precisely what the filters analyze. But they don’t always act the same.

Those who send spam emails are updated to try not to be detected. They know more and more how the filters work and adapt. This is one of the first reasons why spam keeps coming.

Another reason is the use of many email addresses, which are constantly changing. When an email is detected as Spam, it automatically ends up on a blacklist. That prevents that from that address they can send another to another person. But of course, what if addresses are constantly created? It is more difficult to track.

Also, spam mail filters analyze the header of that email. For example they can see the IP address or how many it is addressed. Again, spammers can use different IP addresses and thus escape the filter to avoid detection.

But without a doubt the main reason is the ease of sending an email. A person can send hundreds, thousands, every day without having to pay anything. You can even automate the entire process. So if someone sends a huge amount of emails a day and the filters stop a high percentage, still quite a few still arrive.

Tips to avoid spam

So what can we do to avoid spam? The first step is protect our email address. It is important that it is not made public, that it does not appear available to everyone. This is precisely what makes it easy to end up in spam campaigns.

It is also essential to take care where do we register. If we put the email address on platforms and online services that are not reliable, they may end up in Spam campaigns and even be used to launch attacks with the aim of stealing passwords or personal data. This also includes any subscription we make.

Keep in mind that Spam and Phishing are linked in many cases. For this reason, it is essential to avoid spam to be protected online and that our data and passwords are not compromised at any time.