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Why is it not a security measure to hide the Wi-Fi network

Why hiding Wi-Fi doesn’t improve security

A very important point in our wireless networks is the security. We can take into account certain tips to improve Wi-Fi coverage. But also have some recommendations to precisely improve security. For example, we can name the fact of creating a password that is really strong and complex or keeping the device updated.

But there are other simple actions that many users take thinking that it will really improve security but it is a problem. We are talking, for example, of using MAC encryption. So is hide Wi-Fi network.

When we hide the Wi-Fi network it means that the Router SSID it will not be available when someone does a simple search to see if there are networks nearby. This might at first appear to actually protect security and prevent intruders.

However, this is not so. Hide Wi-Fi it will not improve security. We can say that it offers an extra layer to somewhat protect the visibility of the network. Someone who does a network search and does not have the proper knowledge could not really pose a threat. In that sense, we could say that we gain in privacy and be able to hide our network.

But if we talk about real security, being protected against possible hackers who do have the necessary tools and knowledge, it is not an adequate measure. Simply by using programs to do this, we can perform an analysis in search of wireless networks and through analyzing the traffic we would see which Wi-Fi networks are hidden. An example for this is Acrylic WiFi.

Options that do help protect our Wi-Fi

We have therefore seen that hiding the Wi-Fi network is not a measure that is going to really improve security. It will continue to be available to anyone with the necessary knowledge, who will ultimately be the ones in real danger.

Yes we can take into account some interesting tips for improve our Wi-Fi network. In this way we can prevent intruders from accessing and putting our privacy at risk, in addition to affecting the performance of the network itself and thus causing a loss of speed and outages. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Change factory settings: we must change parameters that come from the factory such as the name of the network or the data to access the router.
  • Create strong and complex passwords: of course you have to create keys that are strong. They must contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols.
  • Use proper encryption: Not only is a strong password enough, but we must make sure that we use adequate encryption and not use obsolete ones such as WEP.
  • Update firmware– Sometimes vulnerabilities emerge that can be exploited by hackers. We must always update to the latest version to correct them.

In short, these are some tips that we can take into account to protect a Wi-Fi network. We have seen that simply hiding the name is not really going to help improve security and it would still be available to knowledgeable users.