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Why is the multi-cloud strategy on the Internet growing so much?

Why is the multi Cloud growing so much

First of all we are going to explain what exactly that of multi Cloud is. It is a term that refers to a multi-cloud strategy that many organizations and companies follow. In fact, according to the latest report presented by Flexera State, 92% of companies have such a strategy, while 80% use the hybrid cloud.

Therefore, we can say that the multi cloud is when a company uses more than one cloud service. These are at least two different services, be it private or public cloud. Keep in mind that it is not the same as hybrid cloud. The implementation of the multiple cloud or multi cloud It is something that has grown a lot in recent times. Now, why is this happening? Two very present reasons are security and performance improvement.

On the one hand, thanks to having more than one service in the cloud, a company could improve performance. You could have a wide environment portfolio and also earn in flexibility. This option offers the possibility of spreading the workload. But also, the security will be present. It is a very important factor and we must keep it in mind at all times, especially when trusting our data in the cloud.

The multiple cloud, also very present in home users

But if we speak at the level of home users ocurrs the same. Nowadays it is very common to have several services to host content on the web. For example we can mention Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive … Anyone who has a Google and Microsoft account, for example, and uses their services in the cloud would be using the multi cloud.

Among the reasons we can mention the fact of being able to opt for certain services offered by some platforms, have greater security by encrypting data and protecting our content, create backup copies in various services and thus reduce the risk in case of problem.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the multi cloud grow considerably. Remote work has become very present in our lives and that has also caused a significant boom in the cloud. The way we use devices, the way we communicate or store files, has played a role as well.

Therefore, the multi cloud is increasingly present both at the level of home users and also in companies and organizations. We use more and more online services of this type and they allow us to improve usability.